Turks and Caicos Field Trip details

General Information

Explore the Turks and Caicos Islands here.

Also, see some maps, find out where the Turks and Caicos are located, and read some info about climate, geology and more. 

SCUBA diving

Anyone in a reasonably healthy condition and moderately fit can learn to scuba dive.  You don’t have to be an olympic swimmer, but you should feel comfortable swimming across an average swimming pool like the one in our rec center back and forth several times.  There are a few medications that don’t mix well with scuba diving since being underwater adds pressure to your body and can amplify the effects of certain drugs.  If you regularly take any kind of anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, or psycho-tropic drug, there may be a concern but not necessarily.  Check out the website www.dan.org (diver’s alert network) and check their section about medical conditions and diving.  Stop by my office and we can talk about it.  You will have to fill out a medical questionnaire in order to get certified, please discuss any concerns with me first.  Most people find that learning to dive is relatively easy once you learn the basics, and opens up a whole new world!  

SCUBA certification

If you already SCUBA certified, then great, you are all set.  If not, no problem.  You can get certified by doing the reading, videos and quizzes online during the Spring semester, and then completing your pool skills and final certification dives on the May trip.  You will register for the PADI Open Water e-learning system at and complete the course prior to May. The cost is $185.  We can also go over some of this material in class if you have questions.  PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors.  Learning to dive is fun and relatively easy!  I hope that you will continue to SCUBA dive long after the class is over. Note that you need to choose the Turks and Caicos Islands, Providenciales as your location when you create an account- please check with me about the dive operator that we will be using before signing up.

Activities and Itinerary

The field trip will reinforce your understanding and experience with marine species diversity and identification, coral reef ecology, associated reef habitats (seagrass beds and mangroves) and issues in tropical marine conservation. While in the Turks and Caicos Islands, we will dive, snorkel, kayak, sail, explore the terrestrial environment, learn about local culture, taste the cuisine and have some free time for relaxing. You will keep an observation notebook and a species identification list. More details about these will be given in class. 

General Itinerary

Day 1

Departure from Logan Airport

Afternoon Arrival in Provo

Transfer to Hotel

Day 2

Pool work for Open Water certification class

Island exploration

Observation logs

Day 3

Open Water certification dives 1 & 2, on boat


Observation logs

Day 4

Kayaking in the Mangroves

Introduction to reef monitoring protocols

Observation logs/discussion

Day 5

Open water cert dives 3 & 4, on boat

Free time/shopping

Observation notebooks/discussion

Day 6       

Morning: SCUBA Diving as certified divers

Afternoon: Snorkeling

Observation logs

Day 7

Sailing Trip on the Attabeyra

Celebration Dinner

Day 8

Departure from Provo

Evening arrival in Boston          

Costs and Payments

The total cost of the trip is $3,285. (Note that this amount includes the $185 required to register for the online PADI open water e-learning course.) Therefore, you will need to make payments totaling $3,100 to Keene State College.  Amounts and deadlines for 2019: 

  • $500 deposit by Jan 5
  • $1200 payment by Jan 18
  • $1400 payment by Feb 1
  • $185 online payment to PADI via credit card 

Make checks payable to Keene State College and bring to Dr. Cangialosi’s office, SCIC 326 or to Katie Featherston, SCIC 327.  You can also mail the check to:

  • Dr. Karen Cangialosi
  • Dept. of Biology
  • Keene State College
  • Keene, NH 03435-2001

It is possible to use student loan money to pay for this trip, check with Dr. C for details.