Coral Reefs and Diversity

Check back here as we work to address the following questions: 

What is a coral? What is a coral reef? How are they formed? Why are they important? How do they function as ecosystems? What major roles are played by the organisms that live there and in associated habitats? Why should we care about them? Where are they found? How do reefs around the world differ? What types of reefs are there?  What current studies are being done to help us learn more about reef structure and function? Why is basic research on reef ecology and diversity important?

The Basics About Coral by Haley Zanga

The Coral Reef by Marisa Benjamin

Coral and Coral Reef Basics by Haley Fantasia

The Central Concepts of Corals by Melissa Wydra

Bioluminescence as a Biological Phenomenon in the Ocean by Audrey Boraski

Vorticella by Jamie Marsh

Screencast about Coral Reefs by Alana Olendorf, Haley Zanga and Audrey Boraski

Reef Distribution by Haley Fantasia

Larval Dispersal and Settlement by Will Trautmann

Symbiotic Relationships in the Ocean by Alana Olendorf

Parrotfish and their role in the Ecosystem by Will Trautmann

Mutualisms in the Coral Reef Ecosystem by Jamie Marsh

Coral Reef Colors by Jamie Marsh

Marine Migrations by Will Trautmann