Spring 2021 Schedule

Note that this schedule is subject to changes. Check back frequently for updates.

Tues, Feb 16, Thurs, Feb 18

We will meet on ZOOM for the first week for an introduction to the course and to Tropical Marine Biology.

Tues, Thurs, 12:00pm-1:45pm. See Canvas for the Zoom Link.

Web Domain: Set up a ‘domain of your own’ website. You have two options. Option 1: Go to the KSC Open: Domain of One’s Own page to get started with getting a domain from KSC Open if you don’t have one already. Option 2: Set up your website using wordpress.com. Read the Pro’s and Con’s of the two options here.

Twitter: Set up a twitter account (see the details for how on the Twitter and the personal learning network page). We will use the #KSCMarineBio hashtag for the course, but also tag with #KSCBio. If you are already set up with these items, please help a classmate who is not. If you are a twitter pro by now, tweet some ideas for what you are most looking forward to learning and doing this semester.

Pressbooks: Read the introduction in a A Student’s Guide to Tropical Marine Biology, 1st ed.

Tues, Feb 23, Thurs, Feb 25

Read through the basic set up of the Student’s Guide. Then read the reviews here and start to plan which pieces you might want to add or edit. Marine Zones and Water Properties.

Tues, Mar 2, Thurs, Mar 4

Hypothes.is and web annotation, Watch this VIDEO to learn how to create an account and make hypothes.is work for you to annotate the web.

Locate resources in your project groups for Pressbook, 2nd edition. Put the link to the resources you are finding in your project group work google document, choose one or two to annotate with your group for this week. Add your link to project google doc in the class project group sheet.

Grading Proposals due – submit on canvas

Practice annotating: Why Mangroves Matter

Practice annotating: Distribution and drivers of global mangrove forest change (1996-2010)

Tues, Mar 9, Thurs, Mar 11

Reviewing some basic principles of ecology and evolution.

Project group work

Tues, Mar 16, Thurs, Mar 18

Introduction to Mangroves and Seagrasses

Twitter chats, blog posts, hypothes.is and more. Topics decided by class.

Tues, Mar 23, Thurs, Mar 25

Biodiversity of coral reefs and associated habitats, Major Invertebrate Phyla

Tues, Mar 30, Thurs, Apr 1


Biodiversity: Invertebrates

Tues, Apr 6, Thurs, Apr 8

Biodiversity: Poriferans, Cnidarians, Annelids, Arthropods

Tues, Apr 13, Thurs Apr 15

Biodiversity: Molluscs, Echinoderms, Chordates

Individual Check Ins – SIGN UP HERE

Peer Review on Hypothes.is


Tues, Apr 20, Thurs Apr 22

Peer Review on Hypothes.is

Biodiversity: Coral Reef Fish: diversity, color, morphology, structure, function and evolution

Reef fish reproduction and community structure.

Tues, Apr 27, Thurs Apr 29

Environmental Threats to Coral Reefs

Project Group Check ins

Tues, May 4, Thurs May 6

Approaches to Reef Conservation

Watch the documentary Chasing Coral

Tues, May 11, Thurs May 13

Continued project work

Tues, May 18, Thurs May 20

Final Editing of the Pressbook