Spring 2019 Schedule

Note that this schedule is subject to changes. Check back frequently for updates.

Tues, Jan 22

***We will NOT meet in class on the first day! Very sorry, but I have to be out of town!

Go the Tools for Open Pedagogy page and get started with getting a domain from KSCOpen if you don’t have one already. Also, set up a twitter account (details are all on that page). We will use the #KSCMarineBio hashtag for the course, but also tag #KSCBio. If you are already set up with these items, please help a classmate who is not. If you are a twitter pro by now, tweet some ideas for what you are most looking forward to learning and doing this semester (not just the field trip, but in class). Also, read through ‘tips for creating good blog posts, creative commons and open licenses, and peruse the hypothesis website.

Thurs, Jan 24

Marine zones, properties of water. More about course structure and Hypothes.is.

Tues, Jan 29

What is coral? What are coral reefs. Pressbooks, Screencasts, and other cool tools for sharing.

Thurs, Jan 31

Reviewing some basic principles of ecology and evolution.

Feb 5 and Feb 7

Twitter chats, blog posts, hypothes.is and more. Topics decided by class.

Feb 12

All about Plankton: live organism lab with Dr. Scott Strong!

Plankton Lab HERE

Feb 14

Make sure you have a Hypothes.is account as we will be discussing this article on Thurs, Feb 14.

The Impact of Coral Reefs Destruction and Climate Change in Nusa Dua and Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia

Also, make sure you click the hypothes.is dialog icon after you open the link to turn on the hypothes.is annotator.

Feb 19

Coral Reef Fish: diversity, color, morphology, structure, function and evolution with Dr. Strong.

Feb 21

Reef fish reproduction and community structure.

Feb 26 and Feb 28

Major Reef Invertebrates: Poriferans and Cnidarians – live sponges, corals and more in lab!

Mar 5 and Mar 7

Major Reef Invertebrates: Annelids and Arthropods

Mar 19 and Mar 21

Major Reef Invertebrates: Molluscs, Echinoderms, Chordates

Mar 26 and Mar 28

Mangroves and Seagrasses

Apr 2 and Apr 4

Environmental Threats to Coral Reefs

Apr 9 and Apr 11

Approaches to Reef Conservation, Reef Monitoring

Apr 16 and Apr 18

Project work

Apr 23 and Apr 25

Project work

Apr 30 and May 2